The Week Live on the palate | April 9 to 15

As every week, the past has been full of recipes with a delicious pint. As an appetizer we have the pepper and smoked cod toast or the goat's curl and caramelized foie with fried onion. As main dishes are pork tenderloins and sauteed apples, monkfish with mango sauce or monkfish rotí with thyme, and for those who prefer vegetables or as a side dish couscous with vegetables.

Puff pastry with ham and cheese. Recipe

A few years ago I worked as a manager in a restaurant with a gourmet store and also had a cafeteria, or was it a shop with a cafeteria and restaurant? Well, it doesn't matter. One of the buns we had and that was delicious because they came from a craft workshop were some ham and cheese scarves. Today I have made them in a quick plan, despite being September 30, there is still no temperature in the kitchen to make puff pastry so I have bought it already done (lately I think it's a vice thing already).

French fries are a weapon of dietary destruction: we should only eat six per serving, but we are unable to do so.

French fries are the garnish par excellence. We love them. Well done is great. But, even made in the best possible way, they are a caloric pump. The potato played a fundamental role in the development of humanity. After the Spaniards brought her to Europe, she revolutionized the agriculture of the continent, as the amount of food that European peasants could generate greatly increased.

600 editions of Karlos Arguiñano

Yesterday Friday the popular restaurateur Karlos Arguiñano completed its 600th edition at the head of the program that broadcasts telecinco from Monday to Friday, Karlos Arguiñano in your kitchen. Since he began his television career at the ETB in 1989, this wonderful chef has won the affection and respect of the spectators as well as the 22% of the audience he has maintained on average since 2004 with the program he directs.

How to make a simple chocolate and banana cake

Chocolate cakes and pies are probably the most prepared and successful desserts. There are of course an infinite number of chocolate dessert recipes and they all respond to everyone's tastes or needs. The best dessert with chocolate will always be the one that gives you the greatest pleasure, regardless of its technical complexity or temporary popularity.

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Lemon Salmon Recipe

It is good this time of the year to begin to remember the healthy smell of the sea, to start sighing for the hot sand, for the sunbed on which the sunscreen, towel and that novel will rest (last bet seller that we were given for the Day of the book). To start dreaming about summer vacations and a well-deserved rest from the cold, but as it seems that we are still going to have to wait a little while we can help our imagination by putting this lemon salmon on our plate for example.

Recipe for eggplant sticks with honey

If you want to be like kings presenting a snack that takes little work, this recipe for eggplant sticks with honey is your salvation. They are prepared in a jiffy and are delicious, for how simple they are I think you can not ask for more. When summer arrives, and more specifically August, I always look for recipes that allow my dishes repertoire to innovate a little with the least effort.

What it is and how to make a composite salad

Salad recipes there are many, and ways to prepare and present them too. But although today there seems to be no rules, throwing things crazy in a bowl will not always give good results. If you want to succeed preparing varied salads, it is best to follow the guidelines of a compound salad. Do you know what it is and how it is done?

Ambassadeur cream

If you fancy a digestive dessert, soft but intense on the palate, nothing better than enjoying the cream bothsadeur. This recipe was provided by a friend for the enjoyment of all readers, it is easy to make and does not require much preparation time. The ingredients 3 deciliters of cream, 100 grams of bitter orange marmalade, 60 grams of sugar, 1 deciliter of strong coffee, 1 deciliter of Grand Marnier, 2 jelly leaves, a few slices of orange peeled lively, orange peel cut in julienne and candied and whipped cream.

Delivery of the Promises of Haute Cuisine awards in Le Cordon Bleu with Martín Berasategui

Yesterday Friday the Promises of Haute Cuisine awards in Cordon Bleu with Martín Berasategui presiding over the Jury failed. The winners were chosen among the students of the last year of the Hospitality Schools of Spain, as we had already announced when these Awards were called. The winner of this first edition of the Promises of Haute Cuisine Award has been the Almeria Cristóbal Muñoz, 22, of the I.

Classic cod porrusalda recipe: the spoon dish that always triumphs

Traditional cuisine gives us timeless dishes very humble but tremendously tasty and comforting, such as the popular porrusalda, typical of Basque cuisine and today extended to many other regions of Spain. It is literally a "leek broth" that usually carries potatoes and which, depending on the area or custom, can also incorporate cod and other vegetables, including pork products.

Apple and foie stuffed pheasant recipe

We rarely see ourselves in the situation of cooking a game bird as elegant and tasty as the pheasant, at least in my house. A few days ago I was lucky to have one given to me and I found myself in the position to learn how to pluck it and clean it well to be able to prepare this recipe for apple and foie stuffed pheasant that I recommend if you fancy a tasty and different dish.

Kefir sheep cheese, cheese tasting

I have had the opportunity to taste a couple of sheep cheeses with kefir, one semi-cured and one cured. It has been an interesting tasting, since it is not an easy product usually found in the market. For this reason, the tasting of these cheeses has been a real pleasure. The first thing that stands out is the appearance and craftsmanship, both having a drop shape as if they had been molded in porous cloth and hung for drying.

Melon and coconut soup. Recipe

Squeeze the heat and feel like cooking fresh and fruit dishes. To vary a little from the ubiquitous gazpacho it has occurred to me to make this melon and coconut soup, which can be served very cold accompanied by melon and croutons. If you want a more spectacular result you can use a cantaloupe melon, orange and sweet meat, but we can also use any other.

Cochayuyo, an algae with intense sea flavor

Cochayuyo is a large seaweed that looks very different from what we are used to with respect to an algae. Its consistency is very fleshy and firm and, like the Hiziki seaweed, its flavor is reminiscent of the sea. All types of algae that we have bought dry need at least 15 minutes of soaking, this way you get to increase the volume of this ingredient up to seven times more.

Sirloin with foie and port reduction

A very easy recipe and that you can find in the menus of numerous restaurants. Before you could even find it in restaurants very well considered, but fortunately it has been universalized and we can have it available to us in some more affordable places. INGREDIENTS Four beef tenderloin medallions, a fresh duck foie, a bottle of Porto, a dash of tarragon, 15 grams of spiced shallot, oil, salt.

How to make a dinner based on recycled potatoes

Today I am going to tell you how to make a dinner based on recycled potatoes, this recipe has advantages everywhere, it is very cheap, you prepare it in a moment, it is very rich and, it is a light and balanced dinner. It consists of putting a couple of extra potatoes in the midday meal, when you have cooked, for example, and recycle them, now I tell you how.