We launched the last contest of our Space: Which of our videorecetas would you choose for an unexpected meal? [Finalized]

We launch the last contest of a series that we have been publishing month by month in our Ensaladissimas Isabel Space. A space where you have found many recipes, tips and ideas related to salads.

The prize are 2 packs of gourmet experiences and a complete batch of Isabel products. And also, it will be your last chance to be part of the drawing of a Thermomix Among all the contests we have launched every month.

This is the last chance to win one of the 2 prizes, as in the previous contests the 2 winners chosen will be those who respond in the comments of this post in the most original and fun way. Do not miss this opportunity!

To participate, enter our section of videoreceta choose your favorite for the situation that we indicate below and answer in the comments of this post to the following question:

Which of our videorecetas and why, would you choose for an unexpected meal?

You have a deadline until October 23 to leave us your answer as a comment in this same post. Once the deadline is finished, a jury formed by Isabel tuna will select the two best answers, from among all the comments of this post, which will each win a pack of gourmet experiences and a batch of Isabel products.

If you have doubts you can consult the legal bases or contact us at [email protected] And we remind you again that participation in all the Ensaladíssimas Isabel contests will give you the option to win another additional prize: a Thermomix (you can consult the legal bases).

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