Gintonic Experts, the geolocation for the Gin Tonics arrives

The geolocation applications They are fashionable, with them we can know if a contact of ours is in a nearby place, or share what we are eating in a restaurant so that others take good account of it and can decide if they visit it or not. In the same way, the Gin tonic It is fashionable, finally served in a ball cup, with a wide range of gin brands to choose from, and combined with parsley, cucumber, or grapefruit, for a change.

Gintonic Experts is an application for smartphones which allows to rate and comment on the establishments in which this combination is served. When opening it, a simple registration is requested, in which you do not have to give large data, or enter passwords, just a username with which you can add bars, rate and comment on the Gin Tonics that are served in each of they.

The main screen refers to a list of cities, and in each of them, to an index of places with their corresponding images, description and comments. There is the possibility of adding a detailed score, in which in addition to the name of the drink, you can add data such as the type of glass in which it is served, the gin brand Used, the price and the ingredients.

It is noted that the application has just been launched, since at the moment there are few places that have images or comments, but it already has a good list of places to taste Gin Tonics. A map, somewhat lazy in principle when displaying the bars, indicates the location, allowing access to the bars from a small marker. If when launching the application we have agreed to declare our position, it will appear on the map with the classic blue ball.

The profile page offers a ranking based on participation, by Foursquare style, and finally, a section with some recipes in which candied cherries, apple or a classic Gin Tonic with lemon are present.