What Christmas recipes are you going to cook? Results of the test

Last week we launched a survey to find out what recipes are you going to cook this Christmas. We cannot be happier with the welcome you have given us, as this has resulted in a wide participation. We have also had a good communication through the comments, in which you have not spared in details to sit at your tables and open the doors of your kitchens.

The results of this week of talk have brought us closer to your Christmas customs when cooking. A large part of the readers (43.9%) who participated participated, as expected, by the traditional Christmas recipes. This gives us an idea of ​​how we internalize, perhaps since childhood, flavors and smells that evoke us these days of December. Inevitably, for many it is these recipes that create a large part of the Christmas atmosphere in their homes.

The family recipes they take another good piece of cake with 28.17%. Preparations that pass from generation to generation modeling our sentimental baggage, from which we do not want to let go because they bring us closer to loved ones, to those who sit at our table, and to those who are no longer there and have left their mark on us.

The new kitchen there is a gap between so much tradition (15.96%), and it is not surprising that new generations, and in general a good number of restless kitchens, like to investigate and give everything on the table with imaginative and innovative dishes. The influence of the cooks of the new wave is also felt at Christmas, culinary moment par excellence.

A small part of the percentage is distributed among regional cuisine (5.87%) international (3.29%) and exotic (2.82%), minority options but equally valid and interesting.

Christmas recipes from readers

We now review some of the comments expressed in the survey, in which we have seen a great emotional implication. Festeret tells us about very suggestive dishes, regional, and with deep-rooted tradition among their relatives:

Possibly for Christmas Eve there is a toast with asparagus and salmon, and a duck vol-au-vent, I don't know very well what else. In my city, Alcoi, a dish based on dry pepper, salted cod and oil called Pericana, which is always present at our Christmas Eve table, is typical. The duck also has possibilities for New Year's Eve, where my foie micuit is already a tradition among friends, and there could also be a duck confit cannelloni with foie and mushrooms.

Silvia is torn between several recipe lists what he has been preparing in these weeks, and he doubts which one to stay

For Christmas I will make some very varied appetizers that will serve as a first course, such as tostaditas with salmon tartare, a crown of hake mousse, foie that I made for the first time last year and it was great, flaming prawns….

Akane combines the comfort of snacks with the tradition of a roast of lamb, two menus for two different houses, and we get long teeth with their selection of sweets:

What I do know is candy! Swiss butt biscuits (Mailänderli, Brunsli, Chräbeli, Zimtsterne, Spitzbuben, Makrönchen), ginger figurines to decorate (Gingerbread men) and Roscón de Reyes

Cukinillas breaks down the menus for New Year's Eve, San Esteban, Christmas Eve and Reyes: fish, seafood, traditional catalan cuisine, pork shoulder or caponilla, and the uncertainty of New Year's Eve dinner, a party among friends still without a set menu. Ladolcegula is pointed with a caramelized onion and pork tenderloin tips, and Rosaleda defends family recipes, while Cca bets on originality for New Year's Eve dinner, because Christmas Eve is very traditional in her family.

Samuel Escobar provides a long and exotic menu, namely: shrimp tempura and vegetables, teriyaki and avocado chicken makis, oriental dumplings, grated scallops, roasted pork tenderloin with caramelized onions and mustard, red fruit mousse strudel and white chocolate cream with cheese ice cream. There is nothing.

From all the comments we conclude that the night of December 24 is, as a rule, the night in which tradition reigns, with family dishes and typical of these dates, New Year's Eve being the moment in which we look for originality and new recipes. Thank you all for participating, it has been a pleasure to hear from you.

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