Bruno Christesen Silicone Nutcracker

Another silicone kitchen utensil. This time it is a silicone nutcracker designed by Bruno Jokes for the house Menu.

This original desktop nutcracker It consists of a stainless steel base with non-slip rubber on the bottom and a silicone dome-shaped lid so that it can be pressed into it to split all kinds of nuts: nuts, almonds, hazelnuts ...

But how can silicone split nuts? Well, the secret is that inside the lid has a piece of metal which is the one that cracks nuts. To use it, just place the nut in the base, place the lid, and give it a small blow.

Simple, practical and elegant enough to bring it to the table with desserts. If you liked it, you can buy it online and in specialized stores for about 25 euros.

Via and photo | Cookery | Woohome Live to the Palate | Poachpod, silicone to poach eggs Live to the Palate | Silicone Garlic Peeler