Edomae sushi or Tokyo-style sushi. Recipe

This morning the gmail didn't work. Without my mail I am nobody, so I had to leave home to make time before lunchtime. Fortunately, on my forced morning walk I stumbled upon a nice that, from his bed of ice after the window of my usual fish shop, he was shouting for me to take him home.

And so it has been. I've taken it, I've chopped it and I've eaten it raw.

Yes, I have sinned.

In my release, and as an atonement, I will tell you how to: Tokyo-style sushi recipe or Edomae Sushi.

The ingredients

2 loins of bonito, 2 eggs, 200 gr. of sushi rice, 1 zucchini, pickled ginger, wasabi, sugar, salt and rice vinegar.

The preparation

To prepare the loins of the pretty let's proceed as our friend showed us Pintxo In your cooking course: we decapitate and cut the tail, mark the loins in half of the fish and carefully remove them. In the end we will have four pieces: two loins and two ventrescas.

We reserve the vestrescas for another occasion (as well as the head and the central spine that we can freeze for other uses) and we focus on the loins that we will leave clean of skin making an incision at one end with the knife very flat, letting it slide to the other extreme. Once well cleaned, we reserve cold so that the meat is very smooth.

Meanwhile, we put rice to cook in a flat and covered saucepan. A part of rice for one of water. We bring to a boil and leave about 7-8 minutes over low heat. We put out the fire and, without uncovering, let stand another 7-8 minutes.

I spend that time, we cool the rice passing it to a wide source and we are aromatizing it with a solution of rice vinegar, sugar and salt: 4 teaspoons of vinegar; 1/2 of sugar, 1/2 of salt. We should not throw it over but rather go wetting the wooden spatula in it while we move and separate the rice. Let cool to cool.

Next, we make a tortilla with the eggs and cut it into strips. We also cut the zucchini (or cucumber, if necessary) and reserve. With a little water we mix the wasabi powder and let stand.

Once we have everything ready you just need to mount the plate. We fill a bowl to the third part of rice, and we add the ingredients around: the tortilla, the fish, the vegetables, the pickled ginger and the wasabi ball in the middle.


This Edomae sushi It is a sushi of the so-called free. That is, we can make it with different ingredients, although, in most cases, it will be raw seafood and various vegetables. The name comes from the old name of Tokyo: Edo, where it was apparently a very popular homemade dish.

A little soy sauce next to dressing the ingredients and drinking ... why not a riesling with some years like this sundial: Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 1994?

Video: Edo and Kansai Sushi (December 2019).