Fira del Gall 2007, Vilafranca del Penedès

Next weekend, December 15 and 16, the Fira del Gall 2007 in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès.

As every year, this rooster fair will feature the native birds of the area, namely: "Gall del Penedès", and the "ànec mut del Penedès".

The Penedès rooster (and of course, the hen) is of a native breed that can be distinguished from other roosters by its slightly longer body and its darker, smoother and savory meat. The most obvious exterior features are its ash blue legs and a particular shape of the ridge, in the form of carnation.

As for the "Ànec mut" its main characteristic is that it does not emit sounds, that is, it is mute. It is of the breed known as Pato Barberí and its meat is of recognized finesse.

All these birds can be seen, chosen and purchased live at this year's fair where, in addition, the organization has a slaughter and plucking service for free so you only have to cook them.

If you intend to attend, be cautious, because although the presence of these birds in the Fira del Gall is guaranteed throughout the weekend, the organizers recommend getting up early to find and choose the best specimens.