We pay more to eat better outside the home

Spanish palates are increasingly demanding and to satisfy them we also have to scratch our pockets more, but willingly. These are the conclusive data of a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group looking for new consumption patterns and new business opportunities.

During the presentation of the 5th Aecoc Horeca Congress, the upward evolution that the catering and hospitality sector has undergone was exposed, instead they affirm that the sales volume has been maintained (this is strange to us).

So, every time we like to eat out more and we are willing to pay more to eat better. An important fact is that consumers are not loyal to a restaurant, nor to the type of food they offer, that shows that we like the variety.

According to data from the Consumption Panel of the MAP, last year we spent 27% of total food consumption on restoration, an important figure that could not be given if not because families have fewer members than in the past, that is, few families They are formed by five members, many couples delay motherhood to enjoy life, have only one child because the standard of living is very expensive, etc. Also, the inclusion of women in the labor market has greater economic income and less time to devote to cooking. The Horeca sector also worried about the relentless increase in prices that food is suffering, in addition, and as has been said for months, there is an economic recession that will undoubtedly affect the catering sector.

This and other issues, such as the new patterns of consumption or nutrition, will be addressed at the 5th Aecoc Horeca Congress that will be held on September 25 and 26 in Madrid, where professionals from the hospitality and hospitality sector will meet restoration.

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