Thirteen spooky utensils to decorate your dishes on Halloween that you can find on Amazon for less than 15 euros

We like it more or we like it less, the truth is that the celebration of Halloween is more than entrenched between the tastes of the little ones and who more and less, we will all have to organize some party for children, cousins ​​or nephews. That's why I think this selection of thirteen spooky utensils to decorate your dishes on Halloween that you can find on Amazon for less than 15 euros.

All kinds of cookie cutters, molds, decorations and other spooky utensils that can help you decorate the house, the table and make the children of your houses have a great time while feeling a little scared, without going over. Look carefully because I'm sure you'll find more than one of these halloween utensils That will be very good for you.

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Thirteen utensils to decorate your dishes and your table on Halloween

We start with a fun cobweb tablecloth, ideal to dress your table or ride there all the children deserve it. Surely they like it and some will use it even as a cape at the end of the party. And its price does not reach 7 euros. In addition, you can put between the muffins, cookies and sandwiches some "gore" effects like this set of accessories that mimic body parts that they will cause nervous laughter among the little ones. They only cost 14 euros and 12 pieces come.

Above or in the dining room, you can also put some funny ghosts hanging from the ceiling at different heights. This game of three ghosts costs about 6 euros and will surely give a lot of play for the children's gathering.

Turning now to the utensils and accessories related to food, we find these blood transfusion bags very funny, which you can fill with juices and healthy drinks, but that will amuse the children very much, (and the elders).

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If you think about doing muffins, muffins or cupcals, these paper molds will be great to give more realism to your spooky creations. For 4 euros, 100 capsules is a good opportunity. You can also choose other more elaborate capsules with spider webs and all kinds of drawings, which cost about 5 euros the set of 36, more than enough for the party.

If the children are around ten years of age and older, they would surely like to participate in a workshop to learn how to carve a pumpkin. With this case with the tools you can do it under family supervision. If they are smaller, you can buy it the same for € 14.30 and make the classic Halloween pumpkin.

Decorated cookies are a common dish in children's snacks and we love pumpkin. To make them, you can find a great set of cookie cutters with all kinds of terrifying shapes and designs that you will love. 6 models come and do not reach ten euros. We also like this other game with 8 different models that we found at 2.75 in total.

Shortly after you try, with a good set of cookie cutters like this 4-piece for 13 euros, you can do ghosts, witch hats or edible pumpkins I'm sure they will succeed in a children's snack.

If you want make chocolates or decorate with chocolate or fondant some cake or cake You will like these silicone molds, which we have found for 8 euros the 5 pieces. You will also like the pieces necessary to make a sarcophagus or coffin with the skeleton inside that we can acquire by less than 15 euros.

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For the drink, we find a silicone mold ideal to use as an ice chest and get ice cubes shaped like bones and skulls that will brighten up your juices and drinks at a terrifyingly fun party. By Less than ten euros, the ice will be part of the Halloween party.

Halloween decoration spooky suede with cobwebs. 150 cm x 55 cm black

Today in Amazon for € 2.57

Unique Party - Hanging party decorations with Fatansma design, 3 pieces (88048)

Today in Amazon for € 6.59

5 Blood Transfusion Bags - Halloween Celebration - Drink Covers, Juice, Soda, Alcohol - Item, Costume Party Decoration Support or Costume Accessory - 350ml Bags

Today in amazon for 0¤

The Twiddlers 12 False Body Parts Party and bloody Halloween Decoration - Includes Eyes, Ears, Fingers, Nose - Ideal for Entertaining

Today in amazon for 0¤

BESTONZON 100pcs Halloween paper Cupcake Wrappers muffin boxes party favors

Today in amazon for 0¤

Tukistore Halloween Black Party Cobweb Cupcake Laser Cut Cupcake Wraps Wraps Liner Halloween Cake Decoration Pack of 36 Pieces

Today in Amazon for € 4.99

CTlite - Pumpkin and pumpkin carving tool set, stainless steel, for carving fruits, pumpkin, pumpkin, for Halloween decoration

Today in Amazon for € 14.35

LILIAO Halloween Cookie Cutters Halloween Cookie Molds - 6 Pieces - Witch Hat, Pumpkin, Ghost, Skull, Bat and Black Cat - Stainless Steel

Today in amazon for 0¤

JUNGEN® 8PCS Cookie Molds Halloween Mold Stainless Steel Mold For Cookie Cutters Bake Fondant Cake Decorating

Today in Amazon for € 2.40

P Prettyia 5 Pieces Silicone Chocolate Mold Decoration Kitchen Accessories Do Things Easily Durable

Today in Amazon for € 7.99

musykrafties 3d Halloween Skeleton with A GAME Sarcophagus Coffin Silicone Cake Mold Fondant Cake Decorating Decoration Flexible Polymer crafts Resin Epoxy Resin EMPTY

Today in Amazon for € 14.71

Halloween theme cookie cutter Set by garloy (4 Pack), includes assistant to cut decorations, direct, embossed ghost hats pumpkins handle, safe plastic food (colors may vary).

Today in amazon for 0¤

Touch Life - Silicone tray for ice cubes with skull and bone shapes, ideal for Halloween

Today in Amazon for € 9.66

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