The economic diet

A book that despite being well prepared will never recommend is The economic diet. The proposal is attractive, a healthy, balanced diet that also barely takes time and money.

But for us there is a small mistake, the author has prepared this book based on his personal experiences and proposes a diet that he made and served to lose 18 kilos in 8 months. In his words, he did very well and improved both his vitality and his quality of life.

But as we have said on some occasions and also indicated by nutritionists and experts in the field, a diet is personal and non-transferable, each person is a world and the body and the needs of each is different, so a diet that has worked to one person can not be applied to another. Many people have suffered the consequence of dieting on recommendations without any basis of medical rigor, something that should never be done, our body is our livelihood. With this we do not mean that the book does not have quality or that it provides us with information on different non-effective diets, but we do disagree as to the recommendation to make it, since the author is a specialist in economics and not in nutrition.

On some occasions, the lived experiences do not guarantee the lack of the necessary certified studies on nutrition.