Ice cream ball, Camper's Dream Ice Ball

It is a spherical utensil in which you have to introduce certain ingredients that are necessary for the preparation of an ice cream, such as vanilla and chocolate. After a 20-minute manipulation with the ball to make ice cream Camper's Dream Ice Ball, you get this sweet refreshing.

According to the Wishingfish website, thanks to this ball, you can make fresh and pleasant ice creams in a fast and fun way. The ball is composed of two compartments, an upper one in which the flavors are introduced and a lower one where ice and rock salt are placed, then it is necessary to manipulate the ball so that it is in continuous agitation, such as by rolling it . After 20 minutes the ball opens and the result is the ice cream already made. It does not work with any type of mechanism or energy source and ensure that it is ideal to take a picnic and enjoy this refreshing food.

The material of the ball is mostly polycarbonate and its measurements are, depending on the model, 7 to 12 centimeters in diameter. The price of this device is $ 29.95 and can be purchased online.

If you dare to try it, we hope you tell us the result.