Trans fatty acids

We all know the need to reduce the intake of animal fats and boost vegetable fats for better health. But there is a third type of fat that many people do not know and that is more harmful than animal fat, it is trans fatty acids.

Trans fatty acids They are compounds that are added to a large number of food products that are processed primarily by industry. We can also find them in fast food establishments in various pre-prepared products or in the oils used for frying.

The objective of these trans fatty acids is to conserve food much longer, improve flavor, favor the stability of fried foods, etc.

Experts advise us not to make an intake greater than 2% daily of calories from trans fats, since the data show that they are very harmful and prevent good cardiovascular health. In The New England Journal of 'Medicine, they have published an article that reviews all the physiological mechanisms, known so far, by which trans fatty acids favor and accelerate the progression of arteriosclerosis, one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors.


The trans that do not worry the specialists for the elaboration or for the minimum content are those that are generated by the bacteria that are present in the stomachs of the ruminant animals, these fats pass to the fatty meat of these in small concentrations and also to derived products such as dairy. But these derivatives are usually processed by undressing them, for example, so that the presence of these fats is considerably reduced. This is the natural way of the appearance of trans.

The real danger lies in those that occur artificially thanks to hydrogenation, so trans fats are known as hydrogenated. Thanks to the process of adding hydrogen atoms to the chemical structures of vegetable fats, very cheap oils were obtained to make the fritters and also the products cooked with these oils were given a good flavor. They also turned these liquid fats into spreads for various elaborations and thus make the foods containing these fats much more durable.

Unaware of the true effects of trans fats on the human body, these new fats were incorporated into many industrial processes such as pastries, pastries, precooked food, fast food restaurants, etc. In this way, this fat has been introduced in practically all foods that have undergone some type of industrial handling.

Health professionals had to give the alarm, even in the current food pyramids the recommendation to avoid these fatty acids is included. According to specialists, users of the Mediterranean diet believed that they were protected from them precisely because they followed this diet, but it is not so.

If they are really proven to be dangerous, shouldn't the use of these trans by the food industry be banned?

The actions of trans fatty acids on the organism are the following according to the specialists: They raise the total cholesterol, the 'bad' LDL cholesterol, alter the metabolism of fatty acids in adipocytes, favor insulin resistance, trigger all inflammatory processes that in turn accelerate the atherosclerotic lesion, etc.

Some of the products that contain a high amount of these fats are microwave popcorn, pastry, pastries and industrial cookies, bag fries, fast food, snacks and pre-cooked foods among others.

We should try to avoid this type of food as much as possible if we want better cardiovascular health, at least until they take the necessary solutions and stop using this type of fat in the food industry.

Video: Mayo Clinic Minute: What's wrong with trans fat? (December 2019).