Passion for Chocolate

Passion for Chocolate, is a book as well described by its author Trish Deseine, for chocolate lovers in all its variants: alone, accompanied, in a cup, in cakes, in the classic or avant-garde style.

This work is divided into 7 chapters.

  • Chocolate in Kit. Where you can highlight a magnificent recipe for a cake without flour or blender, in which the phrase of an image is worth a thousand words would come to perfection.
  • Chocolate Bites. For those of us who love this product, nothing after eating, any of the delights that appear in this section, would be good to accompany the afternoon coffee.
  • Classic chocolate. To get an idea of ​​what the pastry chefs are capable of and what we do. Note the recipe for Tiramisu with Chocolate.
  • Chocolate therapy. I have never doubted that when I felt bad, having some chocolate could help me feel something better. According to the author of the book:
Chocolate has a real gift to fix problems. A few moments of sadness, a stressful day, an argument, a reward, a secret pleasure ... Chocolate always gives us an answer.
  • Chocolate for children. A way to make the smallest participants of the enjoyment of this great pleasure, with easy recipes for them.
  • Chocolate chic. In this part of the book we find the most exquisite recipes. For those who have a lot of time. You can highlight the chocolate croquettes, it makes your mouth water just to see the photo.
  • Professional cunning. Tips that will never hurt.

You know, you can find it in any bookstore at a reasonable price, about 17 euros. The images in the book are great, it's worth it.

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