Bulky Spanish presence in the awards of the International Academy of Gastronomy

He maître Abel Valverdethe pastry chef Oriol Balaguerthe sommelier Rafael Sandoval and the cook Pablo González-Conejero, They have been some of the Spaniards awarded the prizes awarded annually by the International Academy of Gastronomy, based in Paris.

Although the General Assembly of the Academy met last Monday, the awards, chosen from among the candidates presented by all member countries, They have been announced today.

The most outstanding award is the one obtained by Abel Valverde, room manager of the Madrid restaurant Santceloni, winner of the Grand Prix de l'Art de la Salle. Valverde is the second Spaniard to obtain this important recognition that has been granted since 2005, and which the teacher obtained Juli Soler in 2008.

Gregorio Varela Moreiras, President of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, opted for the Grand Prix de la Science de l'Alimentation, which in other editions has fallen to Valentín Fuster, José Mª Ordovás or Marta Garaulet, but in this case there has been no luck.

Chef, sommelier and pastry chef awards

As for the Prix -the second category prizes, so to speak- the full Spanish has been total. The Cook Pablo González-Conejero (Cabaña Buenavista, Murcia) has won the Prix Chef de l'Avenir, which in previous years has recognized the work of Ángel León, David Muñoz, or Jordi Cruz, among others, and which Martín Berasategui obtained for the first time for our country in 2006.

Rafael Sandoval (Coque, Madrid) is the new Prix ​​au Sommelier, collecting the witness of Mónica Fernández, Juan Ruiz Henestrosa, Mª José Huertas, José Polo or Josep Roca among others.

Oriol Balaguer (in the photo) he receives one of the few awards he still didn't have, the Prix ​​au Chef Pâtissier, third Spanish to get it after Jordi Roca and Ricardo Vélez.

He Prix ​​Multimédia, which recognizes the communication media that disseminate gastronomic culture, rewards the work of Gourmet Excellencies, bridge between Spanish and Latin American gastronomies.

And finally, the book Candy edited by Gastro planet receives the Prix ​​au Littérature Gastronomique for its excellent compilation of the 100 best recipes from the pastry masters in our country.

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