This video teaches you how to cook with your own mouth, but it will not become the new trend ... although it could be

When we review some of the gastronomic trends of 2018 we leave out the absurd fashions that will undoubtedly appear. Well, the year had just begun when it went viral on networks a video in which a young woman teaches you to cook with your own mouth, and was already announced as the new trend. Luckily, the video has a reason even though everything it shows is real.

Is about 'Cooking with your mouth', a work by Australian artist Nathan Ceddia. The video, made flawlessly, shows a woman willing to cook the stuffing of a Christmas turkey, but without using more utensils than your own mouth. Yes, it is as unpleasant as it sounds: the protagonist slices, cuts and mints all the ingredients in her mouth before spitting them out and continuing with the recipe. Who needs knives?

The story behind the video

If you have seen the full video - it is not suitable for delicate stomachs, although it does not gloat at all on the unpleasantness of the matter - you may notice that there is something wrong. It is not a current videoreceta, and although everything that is seen is real, the cook is an actress following the script of a video artist specialized in visceral pieces, many with food as the axis.

Nathan Ceddia, currently based in Berlin, says he is obsessed with food and our relationship with her, in part for having grown up in an environment closely linked to the stove. After working in several kitchens and even trying to participate in Masterchef, Ceddar had more creative impulses that led him to specialize in the field of video art. Despite his youth, he already has a catalog of somewhat controversial works due to the crudeness of his images that test surrealism, with food always present.

The author has stated that he is interested explore the limits beyond the conventional and that is why his videos are always so extreme, although he argues that what he shows does not have to be unpleasant. Indeed, it all depends on the context and the eye with which you look, but it is clear that you seek to polemicize and attract attention in a world in which you seek above all to impact through the image.

In 'Cooking with your mouth' her friend and actress Iska Lupton appears chewing raw vegetables that spits over a large bowl, including onion and garlic. In addition, "grate" lemon peel with your teeth, "beat" also raw egg and rip pieces of bread. This prepares the stuffing with which he fills the turkey that he later cooks and places as if leaving a restaurant.

Obviously people think it's disgusting, but at the end of the day you are putting food in your mouth. If you are going to cook for your partner, someone you kiss, why not cook in a totally different way?

In interviews with different media, Ceddia has stated that the idea occurred to him at a dinner when a friend did not find some utensils. Why not use your mouth if teeth are our natural tool sharper? But he has also said that the inspiration came from his fear of cutting himself with a knife in the kitchen. "The kitchen should be a safe space in which to develop creativity."

Also says that would love to see the idea of ​​cooking with the mouth become a trend and encourages everyone to try it and share their experience, even talk about contacts with Jamie Oliver for their next Food revolution. It is a way to reconnect with our prehistoric ancestors when there were no tools and minimizes the risks in the kitchen, according to Munchies.

Honestly, I doubt that Ceddia has created this video with the aim of proposing a new gastronomic trend. He is simply following the game to the media before the impact it has acquired since it exploded on social networks. What is clear is that it is a satire of the relationship we have today with food, a critique of overexploitation of images, the foodporn, videos and recipes that everyone retweets but then nobody cooks at home.

Is it pure game, criticism or simple quest for the five minutes of fame? Is there an artistic pretense or is he teasing us? Everyone can reflect about it as you think, and although it will not be the new fashion of the year, surely videos start to come from people who are encouraged to try it. Because I'm afraid that, despite everything, it could become a trend.

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