Seattle, the first city that will fine for throwing food in the trash

Seattle, a city located northwest of the United States and with a population of about 650,000 inhabitants, Recycle 56% of all your waste, a figure that is not negligible if we compare it with other cities throughout the world.

But its session still wants to go further and that is why since January, both for individuals and for businesses, it has proposed a measure that will begin to take effect next July. The proposal is based on inspecting the containers of its citizens in order to see who has thrown organic remains into the bucket, measure with which he thinks increase your recycling rate up to 65%, which will imply up to 38.00 tons less to the kilos of garbage that are disposed of in the landfill of its neighboring Oregon.

The ordinance entered into force in January, but at the moment it only implies a warning policy, so, the buckets that are surprised with organic waste are marked with a red sticker. It will be from July when the neighbors and owners of establishments will have to pay a fine between one and 50 dollars for throwing food scraps in the trash.

This measure has not been made unpopular, on the contrary, 74% of the neighbors have supported it, aware that in 2012 alone, the Americans generated more than 35 million tons of organic waste that could not be used for any purpose. Seattle, with this proposed measure, has taken the recycling of its organic waste very seriously.

How do you think the population of our country would be taken such a penalty?