Weekly menu from March 16 to 22

How fast time progresses! It seems incredible that, without realizing it, we have already planted ourselves in the final stretch of March. Another Monday with which to start the week, the last of the month, which comes with the culinary proposals of the past seven days in the form of weekly menu from March 16 to 22.

If they are characterized by something our recipe entries last week, is for a balance in terms of quantity of salty and sweet recipes published. Although we started the week with a predominance of candy, the situation has been offset over the days and we have ended up playing all the sticks. We have spent time cooking salty and I show you starting with a toasted scallops au gratin on very sweet peppers, a reproduction of what they serve at La Gabinoteca de Madrid. I was fortunate to try it recently and I summarize my impressions in one word: sublime.

Other sticks we have touched they have been the legumes, Liliana has delighted us with roasted garlic chickpeas that are simple to prepare and very healthy; and that of the birds, such as Pakus's tomato chicken meatballs, the chicken fajitas battered with Philippe's beer and the roasted picantones with mustard, honey and Esther raisins.

To end the chapter of salty recipesI have reserved these panini with smoked bacon and dehydrated tomato that are a great solution for times when we are in a hurry. With ingredients that combine perfectly, they are mounted in the blink of an eye and are slowly dying.

Before giving way to sweets and desserts, you have to make a very special place for bread. Last week, coinciding with the feast of St. Patrick, patron of Ireland. We show you how to make a rye soda bread with yogurt and raisins, typical of Irish cuisine. A very easy bread to make, perfect to enter the world of the masses.

Easy to make is also the focaccia. A very popular Italian flatbread outside their country of origin. María José, who confesses not to have patience for the long kneading times that bread requires, embroiders this orange focaccia. Fear makes me think about what bread José María would be able to do if we became patient.

And now. The time has come to enter the wonderful world of sweets and desserts. The best moment of each meal, at least it is for a deep sweet tooth like me who does not conceive of finishing a meal without a sweet reward at the end of it.

As a proposal for take advantage of pastries Around our kitchens, we encourage you to try this pudding of roscón de reyes. As you can see in the photo that heads this post, it looks like flan, but it isn't. Surprising, both for the eye and for the palate. And if you prefer to start from scratch, I recommend that you miss these caramelized brioche rolls. Pure lust.

Finally, a couple of healthy and tasty desserts: tangerine cream and homemade strawberry and banana ice cream. Recipes that are very appealing at this time of the year when temperatures begin to rise, because they are refreshing, light and require little effort pen elaboration.

I hope you enjoyed the compilation and that our new weekly menu I helped you organize your lunches and dinners, contributing ideas to make the task easier for you.

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