Safe Cup, the glass that reduces alcohol, reaches the market

Many would have liked to know this past Christmas, at which time more alcohol is ingested than usual, the Safe Cup, the glass that reduces the alcoholic strength of the wine.

Yes, you read correctly, because the Safe Cup is capable, according to scientific studies endorsed by SITAC (Italian Society for the Treatment of Alcoholism and its Complications), to reduce up to 30% alcoholic graduation and the calories of a glass of wine.

Classically designed, the glass apparently looks like a regular cup, to take effect it is necessary to oxygenate the wine inside counterclockwise with an orbital movement. In this way, the wine will fall against the internal relief and create a chemical and mechanical reaction that reduces its alcohol content.

Thus, thanks to stretch marks inside the glass in a semi-spiral shape, this movement described above causes part of the carbon dioxide present in the wine to be released. When carbon dioxide is reduced, the alcohol absorption of the drink will be much slower giving stomach acids time to destroy alcohol particles, decreasing the amount of ethanol that enters the blood by up to 30%.

In addition, according to the scientific studies carried out, this rotation favors the oxygenation of the drink by improving the qualities of the wine. If you want to get them, the glasses can be ordered online at a price of approximately 30 euros six units.

Be that as it may and even in spite of this reduction of the alcoholic degrees, from Direct to the Palate we advocate that the Responsible alcohol consumption should remain a priority.

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