A #Priceless experience: cooking workshop with Zalacaín in Alambique

You will surely remember the last contest we convened in our Club with #PricelessMadrid from MasterCard whose prize was to attend a Exclusive cooking workshop with members of the prestigious Zalacaín restaurant at the Alambique Cooking School.

The day was undoubtedly an experience that is priceless since the asitentes could share more than four hours with Juan Antonio Medina, the chef of Zalacaín and with Custodio Zamarra, the most prestigious somelier that, although he has already retired in Zalacaín, he has not retired his knowledge or his ability to explain the characteristics of the wines. And in the workshop we learned a lot, as you will see now.

The PricelessMadrid workshop in Alambique

The workshop consisted of the elaboration of six plates in cover format, by the chef Juan Antonio Medina that honoring the motto he uses on twitter, tried to make fun tradition in the kitchen, demonstrating that even in the cover format, haute cuisine can be done, without the need for complicated techniques.

In addition, during the development of the workshop Juan Antonio Medina taught us how to use his knowledge as a cook to make tapas based on mythical recipes in your restaurant, such as Handyman stuffed with lamb with red wine sauce, for example.

Each of the dishes, (five salted and one dessert) was presented in harmony or pairing with a wine chosen by the great somelier Custodio Zamarra, which explained to us why he had chosen each wine, what were its characteristics and how we should take it to enjoy it to the fullest.

The tapas prepared by chef Juan Antonio Medina

During the workshop, we they explained in detail how to prepare five tapas salty: breaded prawns in kikos and noodles, a land of black pudding with vegetables, nail candied potatoes with quail egg and black garlic, an original sardine with scalded on a phyllo dough cookie, and the delicious Pork trotters stuffed with lamb with red wine sauce.

The sixth cover was the one chosen for dessert, a coconut gelée with Arbequina olive oil and orange foam, who put the finishing touch to the event. Everything was really delicious but I would highlight the plate of ground black pudding with vegetables and cream cheese, the pig's trotters stuffed with lamb and the dessert for being the ones that surprised all the attendees.

The wines

This part of the workshop was the one that corresponded to Custodian Zamarra. Seeing him work and explaining each wine alone deserves the experience and it is that hearing his descriptions of the characteristics of the wines and the most interesting, the justification of his choice to accompany each of the tapas, is a real luxury as an experience.

The chosen wines, of the Jorge Ordoñez wineries, made an interesting tour of the entire Spanish wine geography. We start with Cane, a 2013 Albariño, to continue with another white wine, the Avance Godello grape also from 2013. The third wine, which accompanied potatoes confit with black garlic was a wine made with Verdejo grapes, a wheel of the Segovia area called Nisia, 2012.

For the sardine tenderloin with scalding, he recommended a grape wine of the variety Mencía, Tritón of the year 2011 and for the little lamb's hands, the chosen one was Brecas, a delicious wine from the D.O. Calatayud made with Garnachas grapes that surprised me greatly.

For the dessert, the recommended wine was Jorge Ordoñez nº 2 Victoria, also from 2013, which I am remembering delighted. It was a sweet wine of raisins from the DO. Malaga made with Axarquía grapes, with a truly exceptional sweetness.

The #PricelessMadrid experience

As you will have deduced, to be able to enjoy those dishes and those wines In the company of such a great cook and somelier, it was an unforgettable experience, which responded to the concept of #Priceless that sought the MasterCard card for its holders and that we had already shared in the DassaBassa restaurant of the late Darío Barrio.