I don't get tired of William Kass's giant food worlds

As a child I loved the movie Gulliver's Travels. I should have seen it so many times that the tape ended up damaged (yes, that happened). I especially liked his first two trips, when he is a giant among dwarves in Liliput, and when he is a dwarf among giants in Brobdingnag, which might resemble the worlds of giant food represented by William Kass In his photographs.

It is not the first time that we show you photographs of this type. A couple of years ago we showed you Minimiam, a world of giant food and tiny beings, and I have also told you about the work of Christopher Boffoli and his Big Appetites.

But is that I don't get tired of seeing these worlds of giant food, where small figurines strive in all kinds of tasks, with food as the stage. Ladies sunbathing in an orange, lovers sailing through Venice in a chile by gondola, or soccer players scoring a goal by shooting a wild berry. Anything goes.

I leave you with a small selection of photographs of the artist William Kass and his worlds of giant food, although my recommendation is that you visit his website, where you can enjoy his work in full, because the titles of the photographs are also part of the story .

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