Ugartena restaurant: traditional food in Algorta

We continue with our tour of restaurants in Bilbao and its surroundings. This time we have gone to the Getxo area. It is not the first time that I show you some experience in restaurants in the area, and as we like it a lot, this time we went to "fall" to the Ugartena restaurant, a place to taste traditional food.

Normally we do not opt ​​for this type of food, the traditional Basque, although I hope little by little to go into other types of restaurants, although as you know, it costs me a lot. What is served in Ugartena is homemade food, very home and traditional cut with abundance of fish, as is logical in the area.

If we want to use the subway to get there, we will get off at the Algorta stop, Tellexte exit. From the same exit we turn left and go down to the Old Port. A little earlier, in the Tellagorri Square, there is the restaurant installed in a typical summer house from 1850.

The design of the restaurant bar is curious but very beautiful. At the bottom is a bar area with varied pintxos and above, in the upper floor is the dining room. A traditional atmosphere, with original wooden beams, make you feel at home in the dining room.

To eat they have weekend menus or special portions, although we prefer to order a la carte, which we like much more and we are not "forced" to choose between certain dishes as it happens in the menus. As an appetizer they served us a zucchini cream that was good, even if the garnish chive was something sad.

As starters we choose dishes that do not usually fail: foie with toast and nuts, served with the typical apple sauce and red fruits. It was very tasty and the portion was very abundant, although it was not from the house and they did not notice it (neither did the letter say it was, eye).

The clams in green sauce They were our second choice as an entree to share. The ration as in almost all places, a dozen clams that were very rich, of medium size and varied caliber, but with a good flavor.

As a main course we chose fish. Whenever we eat in this area it is what we prefer, since they are very fresh fish and there is a lot of variety on the menu and outside it. Baked turbot and monkfish taco with vegetables, tomato and asparagus. Both dishes very rich, very abundant portion with good sauce and good cooking point.

We were quite full, but still dared to order a dessert to share. Desserts are homemade and we choose one Catalan cream It was delicious. A thin layer of cream with its burned. The same too cold, but very rich.

Ugartena restaurant

C / Caridad, 2 48991 Algorta-Getxo (Vizcaya) Telephone. 944 606 429 Average price per person a la carte: 50 euros

In general the Ugartena restaurant we liked. It was a pleasant experience in terms of food and service, which at all times was pending and attentive. You can take advantage of the way to finish the meal, to go down to the port and take a long walk to the Las Arenas area.